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Please forward this error screen to vm1083. A Lego tire on a wheel. A Lego tire is a rubber tire manufactured minecraft circle creator the toy building block company The Lego Group for use on vehicles within their Lego building sets.

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The tires are available in a range of sizes depending on the application. Before Lego began manufacturing its own tires, it made «pre-molded mini cars» in the early 1950s, and users sometimes made their own, fashioning eight Lego bricks into a wheel. Lego products are manufactured by Lego, which has produced tires between 14. In 2006 the Lego Group produced 15 billion individual pieces of Lego, which included 306 million tires. LEGO Group officially the world’s largest tyre manufacturer». Rolling, rolling, rolling: Lego, the world’s biggest tire maker».

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